One of my earliest Ludum Dare entries was about a small bomb disposal robot with malfunctioning breaks: it would move in a straight line until hitting something. Last year, I decided to revisit this mechanic and build a full game around it.

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Squarium is available for download on Google Play.

The scope of this project was significantly bigger than my previous projects. For one, I have worked almost a full year on it in my spare time, mainly during my commute to work. I am particularly proud of these features:

Level design
I have crafted almost all puzzles around a particular aspect of the mechanics of the game. Therefore, each level brings something new to the table, like a new mechanic, an unique interaction between two obstacles or an interesting layout. This will keep each level fresh and surprising.
Hints system
In the final stage of development, I started sending out test builds to people to get some feedback. This was the most-requested feature from the testers and I knew I had to do something with it. I ended up with a system that would allow the player to browse the solution to each puzzle in an intuitive way. Even though it might make the game a bit too easy for players without having to try each puzzle in earnest, I hope this will at least allow dedicated players to get a small nudge in the right direction if they get stuck.
I feel I have really worked within my artistic limits. The game has a consistent style and communicates its features using clear symbols. I particularly like that you are able to clearly see how the puzzle works from the level select screen, due to the distinct obstacle graphics.
Level editor
Although not really part of the game itself, this tool really helped me iterating on each level and easily improve the existing puzzles. I have used the excellent Dear ImGui library on top of some custom code of my own so I could create and edit levels in an UI that was tailored to the game. This allowed me to hook up tools like an auto-solver and enforce sanity checks thoughout its use.
Squarium trailer